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As Mexico searches for 43 missing students, dozens of bodies turn up
in mass graves

Molten lava from Hawaii volcano
crosses onto residential property

Echoes of Patty Hearst in Kobani

Kim Jong Un Executes 10 Officials
for Watching Soaps, Graft

IRS Has Been Seizing Bank
Accounts of Law-Abiding
Small Business Owners

Egypt gives residents on Gaza
border 48 hours to leave

South Korea spy agency says it has
solved the mystery of Kim Jong Un's
6-week public absence

Baby wipes recalled due to
bacterial contamination

Search for missing Mexico
students finds more dead

Elon Musk says artificial intelligence
is like "summoning the demon"

Hostage in video claims Syrian city
of Kobani is under ISIS control

5 Marysville school friends invited
to lunch, then shot, sheriff says

Abortion battle shapes up in
Colorado as voters weigh
‘personhood’ amendment

White House ponders life
with a Republican Senate

Netanyahu: No change in
Temple Mount status quo

Erekat: Construction Punishable
Under International Law

As the World Turns: Will the West Prevail? - Dr. Michel Gurfinkiel

EU Threatens Israel - Again -
Over Jerusalem Apartments

Worldwide Surge in 'Great' Earthquakes Seen in Past
10 Years

Idaho Christian Couple May No
Longer Face Fines, Jail Time
for Not Hosting Same Sex

Man says devil made him do it;
10 Commandments smashed

New York loosens Ebola quarantine rules after White House criticism

Washington school shooting
claims another victim

Church in east Jerusalem besieged
by chronic attacks, harassment

A willful ignorance on Israel -
Jeff Robbins

For Israel and the US,
trouble in paradise

Nigerian President Goodluck
Jonathan in Jerusalem on
private pilgrimage, meets

Iran Hangs Woman For Killing
Alleged Rapist

The Temple Mount of conflict

10pm report: Puna lava flow now less than a tenth of a mile from Pahoa, advances 300 yards overnight

Pope Francis Says Christians Must Campaign to End Death Penalty, Life Imprisonment

Obama has no credit -
Gonen Ginat

Suspect in killing of deputies
was twice deported

N.Y. official: New Ebola
policy 'a real stunner'

Calif. district to apologize to 11 year
old who didn't stand for pledge

Violent clashes in E. Jerusalem;
terrorist’s funeral postponed

Israel-US ties have reached
'crisis' point, Lapid says

Atheist Group to Distribute Pamphlets in Schools of Cartoon Bible Sexually Assaulting Woman

With Armenian Orphan Rug, Obama stumbles again on genocide - Rafael Medoff

Historian: Shroud of Turin is
actually a medieval Easter prop

One capital, two deeply
divided cities

It’s time to beat the Jew-haters - Caroline B. Glick

Pentagon reports first US soldier
casualty in fight against ISIS

Imprisoned Christian Pakistani Asia Bibi's Family Speaks Out; Gives Details on Her Torture, Requests Help From Obama and Pope

Christian group fights for identity
against Cal State policy

Combating a Flood of Early
401(k) Withdrawals

Woman quarantined in New Jersey for Ebola exposure develops fever

2 dead, including student gunman, in shooting at Wash. state high school

Combating a new low, White House insists Obama is still ‘relevant’

Women of the Wall smuggle tiny Torah scroll to Western Wall for Bat Mitzva

Why is the West creating crazy, killer converts to Islam? - Dr. Keith Ablow

Who Are the 5 Pastors in the Houston
Sermon Subpoena Scandal?

Trump hits Twitter to blame
Obama for Ebola in NYC

Michelle Obama apparently mixes
up Colorado Senate candidates at campaign event

Tensions soar as Jerusalem
violence continues

Violence erupts in Jerusalem
after deadly terror attack

New White House fence jumper; apprehended before reaching residence

Putin’s Coup - Ben Judah

History Made as Israeli Christian
Child Registered as 'Aramean'

Ebola, Politics, and Life’s
Unfairness - Jonathan S. Tobin

The Rise of the Islamic State:
The Strategic Surprise -
Dr. Ephraim Kam

Will the EU pseudo-historic PALEN-
STEIN creation come to life soon? -
Olivier Melnick

Government malpractice continues - Michael Reagan

They are here! -Rabbi
Shalom Lewis

The Two-State Solution is
Dead - Joel B. Pollak

The Houston Subpoenas and the Criminalization of the Pulpit -
Wallace Henley

Fleeing the Leaky Ship Obama -
Ken Allard

No holds barred: Non-Jews who
love Jews - Shumley Boteach

Nancy Writebol: Ebola Is a Spiritual Battle - Interview by Morgan Lee

Persecuted Christian: Will Pakistan's Asia Bibi be killed for alleged blasphemy? - Lela Gilbert

Fabricating Icons of Outrage, Stoking the Flames of War - Dexter Van Zile

The Praise of Folly -
Alexander Maistrovoy

Academia’s Islands of Authoritarianism - Seth Mandel

ISIS: The Exponential Growth of a Pandemic Threat! - Olivier J. Melnick

Rivlin to UN's Ban: Over 1.5 million Palestinians can not continue living under closure in Gaza

The Temple Mount -
Jerusalem Post

Wall Street touches lowest
level since May

Jan Markell interviews Dave Reagan and Anne Graham Lotz

Israel-Bashing Westerners Beg the Caliph for Mercy - Guilo Meotti

Barack Obama, disappointer
in chief - Aaron David Miller

Slain Hezbollah chief’s son takes
command on Israeli border

ISIS: The exponential growth of a pandemic threat - Olivier Melnick

A virus, media boobs and the
perfect storm - Wesley Pruden

The Tel Aviv version of Judaism -
Yehuda Shlezinger

America Praises and Supports Terrorist Government - David Rubin

Life Unexpected: Lost Luggage -
Naomi L. Baum

Marriage is not on trial, but
America is - Mario Diaz

Why is the Left so wrong on
Israel? - Michael Curtis

Obama's ISIS Confession and
Winston Churchill's Nazi Crisis -
Wallace Henley

UN Report on ISIS: 24,000 Killed, Injured by Islamic State; Children
Used as Soldiers, Women Sold
as Sex Slaves

Islamic State praises death of ‘youngest martyr’

Bombing for show? Or for effect? -
Charles Krauthammer

Trinity Western grad 'attacked' for being Christian in job rejection

Why ISIS and Hamas Wear
Masks - Shmuley Boteach

‘For His good purpose’: American pastor Saeed Abedini pens a
letter to his daughter from an
Iranian prison - Jamie Dean

Obama Funded Islamist Rebels Without Congressional Approval, Creating ISIS, 'Benghazi4's' Death
and Genocide of Christians -
Bethany Blankley

The left’s attack on home schooling -
The Washington Times

The real reason winning the Senate
matters - Charles Krauthammer

First Impressions of Netanyahu
at the UN - Jack Engelhard

Battle against Islamic State
creates new alliances

As Polls Tighten, Britain Promises Scots More Self-Rule if They Reject Independence

Furious Obama Says Calls to Putin
Going Straight to Voice Mail

Mitt Romney keeps 2016 talk alive
with a 'Dumb and Dumber' scenario

Obama Administration Pushes High
Fines for HHS Mandate Violators

White House downplays Obama’s ‘JV’ comment amid Islamic State violence

7.0-magnitude quake strikes
Peru, USGS says

Iceland's Bardarbunga Volcano
Update: Strong Earthquakes
Rock Volcano

Why Obama can’t go there -
Todd S. Purdum

Hollywood 'Will Go Out of Business' Unless It Promotes More Positive Values

Lightning strikes in Northern California spark 34 new wildfires

'Heroic' mission rescues desperate
Yazidis from ISIS

Americans battling Ebola fueled by faith -- and, in one case, Starbucks

Looting spreads after vigil
for teen shot by police

Strong magnitude 6.0 earthquake
hits off northern Japan

Liberians Fill Churches In Defiance
Of Official Ebola Warnings

U.S. airstrikes help Iraqi Kurds reclaim land from Islamic State militants

Photo gallery: ‘Supermoon’ rises

Hospital charges $9,000 to bandage
cut middle finger, report says

Earthquake rumbles Red Deer,
Alberta, knocking out power and
shutting down gas plant

US planes, drones conduct
more airstrikes in Iraq

ISIL to U.S.: ‘We will raise the flag
of Allah in the White House’

Russia reportedly says it chased apparent US sub from Barents Sea

Russian Nuclear Bombers Keep
Roaming Closer to U.S. Airspace

Children of Imprisoned Pastor Saeed Abedini Plead to Obama for Father's Release

Satanists' plan to stage 'black mass' in Oklahoma City sparks outrage

Was the Gaza War a Media
Campaign? - Olivier Melnick

Four new cases of Ebola in Nigeria
are related to the infected American
who died there

Islamists Take Hundreds
of Women Captive in Iraq

Hamas Riddles Former Spokesman With Bullet Holes, Dumps Body at Hospital, Then Blames Israel for Death

Tropical storm batters Hawaii, knocking out power and
canceling flights

Spot Perseid Meteors Before
'Supermoon' Rises This

Demonstrators demand
change at Mars Hill

Will Graham Preaches to 23,000 People in Papua New Guinea;
Nearly 800 People Commit
to Jesus

Hamas: We’ve Got More
Tunnels Into Israel

Amid Gaza-Israel conflict, some
tales to warm the heart

In 2014, Obama has been late
by more than 35 hours

Netanyahu Lends Credence to 'Rosh
Hashana Massacre Plan' Report

Christian Couple Detained for Spying on China/North Korea Border

America's Fed Up: Obama Approval Rating Hits All-Time Low, Poll Shows

Protocols of the Elders of
Hamas - Shmuley Boteach

Obama: A Country Without Rule
of Law 'Will Not Succeed'

Episcopal Group to Offer New 'Witnessing and Blessing' Rite
For Gay Relationships

'Terrorist Groups' Seize Uranium
Compounds, Iraq Tells U.N.

Swede beaten for hanging
Israeli flag

Obama: 'I'm like a
caged bear'

Abbas asks world leaders
to help restrain Israel

7 dead in California shooting rampage called 'premeditated mass murder'

How to prevent the U.S. from going
to hell in a handbasket — while outpacing China - Ben S. Carson

Wireless Medical Implant Is
Smaller Than a Grain of Rice

Root Causes of US Mainline Church Anti-Israelism - Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld

Pope Francis: Without the Church,
You Are Not a Christian

Migrating Tropical Storms: Storms
Trending Towards Poles

Christian woman in Sudan
sentenced to death for her

Smart and Young Gene: Anti-Aging Gene Improves Cognition

Eye to Eye

Nations of the world are on a collision course with the God of Israel - Zechariah 12

Israel, Obama and world wide
terror threats

Obama, Kerry and Hawaii storms

Israel, Iraq, Iran, ISIS, Russia

Pope, Peres, Abbas and Israel

Vatican, Obama advisor and Israel

Photos from Pope's Visit

Pope Francis calls for 'State of Palestine' in Judea and Samaria

Rice, Indyk and freak flood in Israel

Abbas visits White House, overshadowed by Ukraine crisis and major snow storm and federal government closure in DC area

Obama and Netanyahu meet, all time record cold for March in Washington and the US

Obama-Biden-Kerry-Rice-Netanyahu meet at White House: Bookends -- Ukraine crisis and major Washington storm and US freeze

Netanyahu to visit Obama

Jordan's King Abdullah in Washington as the city and country blasted by historic snow storm

Friend of Israel, Stephen Harper, calls for a Palestinian state at time Canada's native Indians claim right to their land

Kerry pressuring Israel, cold plunge continues

Kerry, Netanyahu and record US cold

John Kerry met with Tzipi Livni at State Department followed by a major snow and freeze in DC, Philly, NYC and Boston

Sharon's farewell

Kerry, Israel and Major US freeze

Kerry in Israel, record chill in Chicago, Boston and America's heartland

Kerry pushing deal in Israel's heartland, record cold in heartland in America

Kerry delivers plan in Israel, record cold

Sharon, peace deal and winter storm Hercules

Kerry pressuring Israel, and a devastating storm - Part 2

Kerry pressuring Israel as Jerusalem received record snow

Israel Pressure and US and Europe events

Iran and the P5+1 deal

US pressured Israel followed by a massive November tornado outbreak in Washington, Illinois which totalled 12 states

Israel furious at White House, China and Iran warn the US of devastation

Israel's land, Iran and the U.S. government's shutdown

Mideast quartet seeks Israeli, Palestinian action by 2014, within agreed goal of 9 months

Boulder to pass 'Nature Rights Law' giving flowers a 'Right to Life,' Record 100-year flood devastates community

Assad, Kerry and Lavrov

Obama, Syria, and Russia

Obama and Syria

White House uses Israel as lever to press Congress on Syria

Israel pressured and a very tough week

Israel pressured into peace talks by U.S, Russia grants asylum, major terror warning, U.S. Embassy closings and more

Israeli-Palestinian peace talks in Washington followed by US Embassy terror warnings and others

Leaders from Samaria have 20 meetings on Capitol Hill and the AIPAC Lobby - Bill Koenig

Kerry in Ramallah, while 49 US states experience 90 degree heat or higher

Texas Congressman Gohmert Sends a Message to Israel: Never 'Buy' Peace

California, Biden, LGBT and
heat records

LGBT President in opposition
to God's laws

As in the Days of Noah and Lot:
Obama and LGBT Pride Month

John Kerry Plan and Massive, Violent Storms from Midwest to Philly and DC

Kerry continues Israel peace push and Oklahoma has record 2.6 mile width tornado, the second EF-5 in 11 days

John Kerry peace push with Israel and violent US weather

John Kerry on way to Israel, OKC area hit by EF-5 tornado

Obama's 'Perfect Storm' March 22 to May 17

Russia, Israel and the US

Obama peace push and record
rains and floods

Kerry and the Boston, Washington
terror events

Terror Bombing in Massachusetts

Weather played havoc with final
hours of Obama visit to Israel

Obama in Israel - 3-1 and 3-22

Obama in Israel

Eye to Eye - Other historical events,
including Black Monday Stock Market
Collapse of 1987, and Hurricane
Hugo of 1989

Obama and the Omega Affect Super Storm

US-Israel and Nemo

Obama and Nemo

Nemo and Israel

Obama to Israel and Nemo

Netanyahu stands strong on Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria while 'much needed' rain blesses Israel; Sea of Galilee 2.7 meters from being filled

Petraeus, Israel and 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

Cuomo and Bloomberg and
Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy - October 31

Hurricane Sandy - October 30 - afternoon

Hurricane Sandy - October 30

Hurricane Sandy - October 29

Could 'Frankenstorm' be a sign from God? WND interviews Bill Koenig

Hurricane Sandy - October 29

Replacement Theology Churches Leader's Damage Continues in Letters and Actions

Week of 9-11-2012: A historically significant week in U.S.-Israel relations and for the U.S. with the Muslim world

Obama and Clinton's pressure on Israel followed by a very bad week -

9-11-2012: Netanyahu warning
to the world on Iran;
White House declines Netanyahu
request to meet with Obama

Obama Administration's major pressure on Israel to not strike Iran

Isaac slams New Orleans -
August 29, 2012

The third straight Republican Convention greatly
impacted by a major storm - Bill Koenig

Hand of Judgment? Chicago to Washington's record heat, super-derecho, lightning gone wild, etc.

Mid-April 2012 Tornado Outbreak

Hugo Chavez condemned Israel in June 2010 and emotionally called on God to spare his life on April 5, 2012

Israel focused on evacuations in Hebron, Israel and the U.S. focused on tornado damage in Dallas, south of Hebron, Texas

Tornado Outbreak on March 2, 2012

One-Day of Breathtaking News in and Around Israel - February 26, 2012

PA officials say Israeli border
proposal a non-starter

Obama Has Declared Record-Breaking
89 Disasters So Far in 2011

Major Record Setting World Wide
Events from December 2010 to the Present

Aon Benfield: U.S. Losses From April
Weather Outbreaks Could Top $4B

Eye to Eye: Obama's Pressure on
Israel and catastrophes -
May 22-26, 2011

Japan's strong statements and actions pertaining to Israel's Covenant Land and major events in Japan

Earthquakes dog Hillary Clinton
on overseas trips

Dr. Jeff Masters: The La Nina
Has Arrived

Eye to Eye - Hurricanes Gustav and Ike, August-September 2008 - Bill Koenig

The Balfour Agreement, the major decline of the British Empire, British Petroleum (BP), Valdez, Horizon and their Israel connections - Bill Koenig

Iceland volcano affected by major Sunspot Cycle that will occur from 2010 to 2015, which will intensify volcanoes, earthquakes, super storms and disrupt satellites - Bill Koenig

Brazil's president lays wreath
at Arafat's grave, Brazil's
foreign minister says Iranian
sanctions would be ineffective,
Rio has record floods

Pressure on Israel and corresponding catastrophes and crises in Massachusetts, Moscow and the Vatican - Bill Koenig

The whole world shook:
Chronology of events from Feb. 21
to March 14, 2010 - Bill Koenig

A connection? Israel, Jerusalem,
the State Department, the
Clintons and Haiti - Bill Koenig

Chilean earthquake, possible
Palestinian connections and
the conflict over Rachel's Tomb -
Running from Babylon II Blog

2010 Hurricane Season will be
more active, Joe Bastardi
predicts - Accuweather

Eye to Eye: Facing the Consequences
of Dividing Israel -- 2008

Eye to Eye: Facing the Consequences
of Dividing Israel - 2007

President Bush declares a major
disaster for Wisconsin for
areas struck by severe storms,
tornadoes, and flooding beginning
on June 5, 2008, and continuing

A major storm hits the
White House at the moment
Olmert and his staff were leaving
the West Wing - Bill Koenig

Middle East Trip Update:
Thank you for your prayers and
generous support – Bill Koenig

President Bush’s Middle East Trip:
News and commentary from the trip
and the difficult 48 hours following
his return - Bill Koenig

Update from Riyadh: Bitter Cold,
Rain, Wind and Cloudy Skies
Accompanied President Bush's
'Red Carpet' Ceremonies in the
Middle East - Bill Koenig

The revealing Torah and Haftarah
readings during President Bush’s
Israel and Middle East visits –
Bill Koenig -

Update from Jerusalem: Much Hope,
Much Talk and the Next Step --
Dealing with Reality - Bill Koenig

Update from Jerusalem:
The 3400 Year Biblical Connection
to President Bush's Arrival in
Israel on the Jewish Calendar
Date - Shevat 1

Update from Jerusalem:
President Bush heading to
Israel for his Jan. 9-11 visit -
Bill Koenig

US Sponsored Israeli-Palestinian
Meetings Coincided with Two Major
Record US Disasters in December -
Bill Koenig

2007: Nine Major FEMA Disasters
and Two Major Crises Coincide
with U.S. Involvement in the
Israel 'Peace Process '- Bill Koenig

Hurricane Wilma and the Israel
Connection - Bill Koenig

Hurricane Rita and the Israel
Connection - Bill Koenig

Incredible Parallels Between Israel
and the U.S. Evacuations - Bill Koenig

Hurricane Charley

Informative Reading

Conservative Financial Planning
for These Times

Climate change? China
rebuts Obama

Want Mideast peace?
‘Build the 3rd Temple’

General Keane on Iraq

Erick Stackelbeck interviews Bill Koenig and Bill Salus

Israel's national security strategy
Notes from Chuck Freilich's
2012 session at AIPAC

How Israelis are developing the technology backbone for the world's final-day communication infrastructure


AIPAC - Part 2 - Bill Koenig

AIPAC Part 1 - Bill Koenig


Conservative financial advisors

Comprehensive plan on how to
prepare for major emergencies

Obama's 'Perfect Storm' Forming

Readout of Obama and Putin meeting sent from Air Force One

MAP: Threats facing Israel -
Embassy of Israel

A significant pattern: The history of six 40-year economic collapses since 1773, the sixth 40-year period ends in 2013 and runs over into 2016

Insight on the Obama's visit to Israel: A paragraph for paragraph review and analysis of Obama speech to Israel

Obama's Cairo speech from
June 4, 2009 analyzed - Bill Koenig

Pope Benedict resigns: Within a few hours St. Peters Square lightning strikes twice

Stakelbeck on Terror Show: The Coming Middle East War Interview of Bill Koenig and Bill Salus

Christian Palestinianism Focus -
Paul Wilkenson

Former Ambassador John Bolton
accuses administration of leaking
story on Israeli planning along Iran

Rick Warren, Islam, and the
Real Issue - Eric Barger

Unrest in the Arab World -
Interactive Map

Tim Tebow's Miracle Overtime Win in
Denver and the 3:16 Connection

A Record Year for Billion-Dollar Weather Disasters: 10 Billion Dollar Plus Events so Far in 2011

Israel's largest underground water source discovered near Jerusalem convention center (Is this spoken of in Zechariah 14:8?)

Pope Benedict, read the Bible about 'God's recognized borders': Vatican calls for independent Palestinian state 'soon'

Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus -
CBN (video and transcript)

San Remo's Mandate: Israel's 'Magna Carta'- CBN (video and transcript)

Is this the Mark? - Bill Koenig

If Israel goes down, we all
go down - José María Aznar

Greatest Earthquake in History
and the Israel Connection -
John McTernan

How Harvard, Yale, and Columbia
are leading us to Armageddon -
Bill Koenig

Koenig's Eye View from the
White House - September 11, 2009

US Debt Clock

More of the Inconvenient Truth -
Jan Markell

Internet Pioneers - Ten Individual's
Major Contributions to the Internet

Climate Momentum Shifting:
Prominent Scientists Reverse
Belief in Man-made Global
Warming - Now Skeptics -
US Senate Committee on Environment

A Biblical Framework for Worship
and Obedience in an Age of Global
Deception - Dr. Charles Clough

The Dual Covenant Heresy:
More End-Time Deception -
Jan Markell

Report: Israel-Palestinian deal
includes refugees, east
Jerusalem - Ynet

America's Perfect Storm: The
nation's challenges and former
presidents' insights - William Koenig

Solutions to America's complex
problems - William Koenig

A Few Declarations of Founding
Fathers and Early Statesmen
on Jesus, Christianity,
and the Bible - Wallbuilders

What Makes the Christian Message
Unique? (Interview of Ravi Zacharias)

The List of Annapolis Conference
Participants: The World was
Represented, Including the Vatican

A Perspective on President Bush's
Vision for the Israeli-Palestinian
Conflict - Bill Koenig

False Prophets, False 'Dreams
and Visions', and False 'Signs and
Wonders' - Bill Koenig

Author sees prophecies in news:
Israel's Ynet News Interviews
Bill Koenig

Approximately 100 Million American
Church Members Have Very Little to
No Understanding of Bible Prophecy -
Bill Koenig

Who are the Palestinians? --
Hal Lindsey

Muzzling the Watchmen ? A Perspective From Israel - Avner Boskey

Is Isaiah 18 about the U.S.? --
Bob Westbrook

Israel's History in a Nutshell --
Jewish Internet Assoc./Arutz

Maps of Israel: Click lower right
corner to enlarge graphic

Scriptures Delusion Message

Religious Left

In Pictures: Thousands rally around
the world to support Israel

Nuclear research giant inducts
Israel as full member

Episcopal Church USA approves
lesbian bishop - AP

Preachers Who Don’t Believe — The
Scandal of Apostate Pastors
- Albert Mohler

Meet Obama's new controversial
pastor: Champion of communism,
socialism called U.S. 'destroyer
of human life' - WND

The evangelical left's anti-Israel
slant - Chad Groening, AFA

US Jewish leaders slam report by
Presbyterian Church USA that
blames Israel for the "Palestinian
resistance" - Jerusalem Post

The 'Left' Part of the Church Is
Still Not 'Right' - Jan Markell

World Time

Get Current Time with World Time Server
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Bush and Blair Leaving
on Marine 1 (Photo/Koenig)

President Bush Returning to
White House for Sharon Meeting

Israeli Prime Minister Sharon
Leaving White House

Heather Mercer and Dayna Curry
in the Rose Garden with President
Bush (Photo/Koenig)

Bush Listens to Putin Via
Interpreter (Photo/Koenig)

President Bush Speaking on WTC
Charitable Giving in Rose Garden

Presidents Bush and Fox Hold
Press Conference, Marine 1 and
White House in Background

Presidents Bush and Fox Leaving
on Marine 1 (Photo/Koenig)

Ariel Sharon Speaks to White
House Press - Second Picture

Ariel Sharon Speaks to White
House Press - First Picture

President George W. Bush and
Laura Bush leaving for Europe

Marine One Leaving with
President Bush, Laura Bush
and Staff Members

Dalai Lama Speaks to White
House Press Outside the West
Wing. Related Story: 'The
Lord's Lightning.' (Photo/Koenig)

President George W. Bush visits
with the Dalai Lama at the White
(White House Photo/Eric Draper)

Benjamin Netanyahu Speaking
to the Calvary Chapel, Fort
Lauderdale (Photo/Koenig)

Benjamin Netanyahu at the
'American Friends of Ariel'
Reception, Fort Lauderdale

President Bush Leaving on
Marine 1 from White House

Laura and George W. Bush Leaving
the White House (Photo/Koenig)

President Bush at Morning
Press Conference (Photo/Koenig)

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