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News Links

Below are some of the top news sources in the world.

Human Events
Israel Today
National Review
The Weekly Standard
The Economist
Sky and Telescope

Internet News Services
Real Clear World
In the Days
World Net Daily
Drudge Report
Judicial Watch
Capitol Hill Blue
Free Republic
Honest Reporting

Israel News
Times of Israel
Israel Hayom
Israel Resource News Agency
Palestinian Media Watch -
Itamar Marcus

Israel21 - Innovation News
Middle East Review (MERIA)
JerusalemOnline - TV News
from Israel

Emet News Service
Jerusalem Post
Israel National News
Virtual Jerusalem

United States News
ABC News
CBS News
NBC News
CNN News
Dallas Morning News
Washington Post
USA Today
Los Angeles Times
New York Times
Jewish World Review
Washington Times

European News
International Herald Tribune
France 24
Le Figaro - France
Connexion - France
Independent - UK
Sky News - UK
Der Spiegel - Germany
Deutsche-Welle - Germany
The Telegraph - London
Central Europe Online
Reuters - UK
The Times of London
The Guardian - UK

Middle East News
Turkish Press
Ma'an News Agency -
Palestinian Authority

Al-Ahram - Egypt
Turkish Weekly
Todays Zaman - Turkey
Hurriyet Daily - Turkey
The National - Abu Dhabi, UAE
Press TV - Iran
Middle East TV - Cyprus
Al Arabiya News - Saudi Arabia
Emirates Business - UAE
Al Hurra - Washington, DC
Asharq Alawsat - The Leading Arabic International Daily - London
Arab News - Saudi Arabia
Khaleej Times - UAE
Fars News - Iran
Gulf News - UAE
Largest English Newspaper

Al-Hayat - Lebanon
Aljazeera - Qatar
Tehran Times - Iran

Russian News
Vedomosti - Business
Russia Today
Moscow Times
TASS News Agency
Voice of Russia

Asian News
Chosun Ilbo - South Korea
China View - Xinhua News
Agency - Bejing

Inside China Today-
Hong Kong

South China Morning Post-
Hong Kong

Jakarta Post - Indonesia
Asahi News - Tokyo
Korean News - North Korea
Taipei Times - Taiwan
Times of India - Bombay

Canadian News
Canadian Press
The Globe and Mail
Toronto Star

Australia and New Zealand
The Age - Melbourne, Australia
The Herald Sun - Australia
The Daily Telegraph - Australia
The Australian
Sydney Morning Herald - Australia
New Zealand Herald

Latin American News
Tico Times - Costa Rica
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