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Washington: 12:58:16 am - April 25, 2014 - Jerusalem: 6:58:16 am - Nisan 25, 5774

Eye to Eye

Weather played havoc with final
hours of Obama visit to Israel

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Bethlehem on Friday, awaiting a belated President Obama
amid a sandstorm (photo credit: Channel 2 screenshot)

Obama's helicopter grounded - Photo/Ben Hartman

Ben Gurion olive tree uprooted by wind - Photo/Tomar Appelbaum

Obama farewell tent blown over - Photo/Ohad Zwigenberg

Air Force One at Ben Gurion Airport - Photo/Reuters

The arrival of inclement Middle East weather Friday disrupted the final hours of the visit to Israel and the West Bank by US President Barack Obama.

The air was filled with dust Friday morning and early afternoon, blown by strong winds. Visibility was minimal in and around Jerusalem, in the nearby West Bank area, and at Ben-Gurion Airport.

The president was supposed to be in Bethlehem at 12:30 p.m., for a visit to the Church of the Nativity, but only left Jerusalem shortly before 2 pm. This was partly because of the weather, reports indicated, but also partly because his one-on-one meeting at the King David Hotel with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu went on for longer than expected, focusing on security arrangements for Israel if and when it moves forward in negotiations with the Palestinians.

Obama had planned to fly by helicopter from Bethlehem, his final stop, to the airport, but that proved impossible.

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