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Timeline 2013 to 2019: Events
on the Calendar

I will continue to add new information to our timeline as it is discovered and revealed. Never before have there been so many biblically significant events evolving at such a rapid pace.

Summary of Major Events


  • NASA says Solar Cycle 24 will peak in May 2013 with a below-average number of sunspots. The great geomagnetic storm of 1859, for instance, occurred during a solar cycle of about the same size we're predicting for 2013."

  • The 1859 storm — known as the "Carrington Event" after astronomer Richard Carrington who witnessed the instigating solar flare — electrified transmission cables, set fires in telegraph offices, and produced Northern Lights so bright that people could read newspapers by their red and green glow.

    A recent report by the National Academy of Sciences found that if a similar storm occurred today, it could cause $1 trillion to $2 trillion in damages to society's high-tech infrastructure and require four to 10 years for complete recovery. For comparison, Hurricane Katrina caused "only" $80 to 125 billion in damages.

  • Under the Obama budget, interest would top 18 percent of revenue in 2018 and 20 percent in 2020, CBO projects. But under more adverse scenarios than the CBO considered, including higher interest rates, Moody's projects that debt service could hit 22.4 percent of revenue by 2013.

  • About 40 percent of all U.S. junk bonds outstanding in late 2008 will likely default by 2013 as government aid measures end and a wall of corporate debt comes due, Bank of America Merrill Lynch said on Thursday, Sept. 17, 2009.


    Three previous back-to-back "blood-red" total lunar eclipses occurred on the first day of Passover and Sukkoth right after the 1492 Spanish Inquisition (in years 1493-1494), the 1948 War of independence (in years 1949-1950), and the 1967 Six-Day War (in the years 1967-1968), this pattern points to a very challenging time for Israel and war.

    The Jewish Talmud says, "When the moon is in eclipse, it is a bad omen for Israel … If its face is as red as blood, [it is a sign that] the sword is coming to the world …"

    The sages in the Talmud understood that a red lunar eclipse means that God will be bringing judgment to His people, Israel.

  • April 15 - Blood-red moon - First day of Passover (visible: Australia, Pacific, Americas).

  • Aug. 5 – 9th of Av.

    The sabbatical year in the seven-year cycle (2008 to 2015) begins on Rosh Hashanah on Sept. 25, 2014, and ends on Rosh Hashanah on September 13-14, 2015 — the day of a partial solar eclipse.

  • Oct. 8 - Blood-red moon - First day of Sukkot (visible: Asia, Australia, Pacific, Americas).


  • April 4 - Blood-red moon - First day of Passover (visible: Asia, Australia, Pacific, Americas).

  • July 26 - 9th of Av.

  • A seven-year cycle that began on Rosh Hashanah on Sept. 30, 2008, ends on Rosh Hashanah on Sept. 13-14, 2015. The sabbatical year from 2014 ends here, too.

  • Sept. 13 (Elul 10, 5776) - Partial solar eclipse on Rosh Hashanah.

  • Sept. 23 (Elul 20, 5777) - Year of Jubilee proclaimed on Yom Kippur.

  • Sept. 28 - Blood-red moon - First Day of Sukkot (visible: Eastern Pacific, Americas, Europe, Africa, Western Asia).


  • Aug. 13 - 9th of Av.


  • May 27 (Sivan 2, 5778) - 50th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem, which occurred during Israel's Six Day War victory.

  • November 2, 2017, will be the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration. British Foreign Secretary, Arthur James Balfour, a Christian, called for the British Government to provide land for a future Jewish state.

  • December 11, 2017, will be the 100th anniversary of the capture of Jerusalem. British General Edmund Allenby, a Christian, dismounted his horse, and entered Jerusalem on foot out of respect for the Holy City, to accept the surrender from Turkey on December 11, 1917.

  • Nov. 2 (Cheshvan 13, 5778) - 100th anniversary of the Balfour agreement.


    The "blood-red" lunar eclipse sequences of 2018 and 2019 fall on the Jewish holiday Tu B’shvat (New Year of Trees). This marks the beginning of the "new year" for trees.

    Tu B'Shvat is the New Year for the purpose of calculating the age of trees for tithing. The Torah states that fruit from trees which were grown in the land of Israel may not be eaten during the first three years; the fourth year's fruit is for G-d, and after that, the fruit can be eaten. Each tree is considered to have aged one year as of Tu B'Shvat, no matter when in the year it was planted.

    It is customary to plant trees and partake of the fruits of the land of Israel to mark the occasion.

  • Jan. 31 - Blood-red moon - Tu B'shvat.

  • April 20 (Iyar 5, 5779) - 70th anniversary of Israel's statehood –
    Yom Ha'atzmaut (national Independence Day of Israel).

  • July 27 - Blood-red moon - 15th of Av.

  • Major record-setting earthquakes have occurred every 14 years since 1906. The last one was the 9.0 Indian Earthquake/Tsunami in December 2004, which points to another one in 2018.


  • Jan. 21- Blood-red moon - Tu B’shvat (visible: South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia).


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