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Abraham Accords Chronology for the Week: Trump announces Israel-Sudan deal, 7.5 Alaska quake and COVID crisis worsens

OCTOBER 19, 2020

Trump to drop Sudan from terror list in presumed prelude to Israel normalization

OCTOBER 19, 2020

USGS: 7.5 Alaska Quake - 91 km SE of Sand Point, Alaska; multiple 4 and 5 magnitude aftershocks continue

OCTOBER 23, 2020 

Trump announces Israel-Sudan peace deal, has call with Netanyahu, Sudan leaders - Times of Israel

We are praying that Israel-Sudan normalization agreement announced today won’t be costly to President Trump. His team forced this through and even took Sudan off the terror list after they agreed to pay $335 million in compensation to the victims of the 1998 bombings of two US Embassies in Africa (The Times of Israel said Sudan didn’t perpetrate the attacks, which killed more than 4,000 people, but granted asylum to the terrorists)

The Times of Israel reported together with a massive financial aid package for the struggling country — the US has reportedly offered $800 million in aid and investments, but Sudan demands some $3-4 billion — the removal of the terrorism designation is largely seen as a precursor to a normalization deal with Israel.

US Health Experts Projecting Major Exponential Increase in COVID Cases

At the same time, U.S. health experts are projecting a major exponential increase in COVID cases next week. Former FDA Director Scott Dr. Scott Gottlieb: U.S. about ‘a week away from a rapid acceleration’ of coronavirus cases - CNBC.

Thursday and Friday of this week both had 70,000 plus new cases reported.

Over 50 million Americans have cast ballots already in the presidential election. Democrats have cast roughly 5 million more votes than Republicans so far, though their margin has shrunk in recent days, according to TargetSmart, a Democratic analytics firm.