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Chronology of US-Israel-Saudi talks - September 23 - October 6, 2023

The Israelis and the Saudis seem excited publicly about the possibility of a normalization agreement succeeding. Of course, the Palestinians aren’t in favor. The years of the Palestinians controlling the narrative between the Israelis and Arabs is diminishing to the point of having very little to no influence.

But, again, the land of Israel is not for all descendants of Abraham; only for Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and their descendants. The biblical heartland of Israel and East Jerusalem are not to be an Arab state.

However, these activities continue to speed up final day alignments.

We do know there will eventually be a Daniel 9:27 peace deal. Could an Israeli-Saudi agreement lead to that or be it? The Sunni Saudis represent 80 percent of Islam. Shiite Iran represents the other 20 percent. I have written since September 2020 that the Abraham Accords is a vehicle that will be used to speed up final day events, where much of the focus and excitement is on business deals, peace and establishing an Arab block to counter Iran’s hegemony in the Middle East.

The following is the chronology from September 23 to October 6.

September 23, 2023

'Six or seven' Muslim nations to make peace with Israel after Saudis says Israel Foreign Minister Eli Cohen

Saudi Foreign Minister tells UN that regional stability hinges on Palestinian state

September 25, 2023

White House: Israel-Saudi deal to take on ‘fundamental issue between Israeli, Palestinian’

Saudi delegation to visit West Bank this week as Israel normalization talk increases

September 26, 2023

Saudi envoy to Palestinians: Two-state solution 'central' to Israel deal

September 27, 2023

New Saudi envoy meets Abbas, backs Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as capital

September 28, 2023

Washington envoy blasts Abbas, Jewish violence in UN meeting

September 29, 2023

Saudis will reach a peace deal with Israel, even without the Palestinians

US tells Israel settlements serious issue, raised at highest level

Report: For Saudi deal, PM open to steps to keep chance for Palestinian peace alive

Coastal storm deluging NYC with rain capable of spawning life-threatening flash flooding

Weather Channel - Live Update: Weather Emergency in New York City

Flash floods put a dangerous damper on the first night of Sukkot in New York

Record rain in New York City generates ‘life-threatening’ flooding, overwhelming streets and subways; largest single-day rainfall at JFK Airport since 1948

New York City, New Jersey brought to a standstill by flash flooding

‘Basic framework’ in place for Israel-Saudi normalization, US says

October 2, 2023

Israeli, Saudi sources: US focus on Palestinians harming normalization

Iran attacks impending Israel-Saudi peace as Gallant invited to US

October 3, 2023

Iran can't stop Israel-Saudi peace, Netanyahu says in message to ayatollah

Mahmoud Abbas: Israel's independence is a sham, US occupying Palestine

Iran can't stop Israel-Saudi peace, Netanyahu says in message to ayatollah

October 4, 2023

Israel looking to limit scope of Palestinian component of Saudi normalization deal

At Saudi conference, Israeli minister hails ‘blossoming ties between our nations’

Blinken to visit Israel, Saudi Arabia amid normalization push

Jordan asserts authority on Palestinian Issue amid Israel-Saudi normalization

October 5, 2023

Gantz meets with Biden officials amid Saudi normalization talk

20 Senate Democrats raise concerns about possible elements of Saudi deal in letter to Biden

October 6, 2023

Israeli environment minister to attend Saudi climate summit - report

Giving unheard-of assent to Saudi nuclearization, Israel girds for Cold War with Iran