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Koenig's Eye View - January 13, 2023

Inside the White House

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Tower of Babel 2023: Christian Nationalism Part 2 - A Leftist
Narrative / Building a Brand

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 Can the Democratic leaders and representatives get any more evil
in their abortion position? This is unconscionable.

Connecting the Dots

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Israel Analysis: The Palestinian “Street”

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The spiritual struggle over Washington politics

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CDC analysis identifies dangers of COVID vaccines

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 Apostasy in the Church: The foundations destroyed: Part 4


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The digital dollar is coming on the back of the FTX collapse

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Abp. Vigano: Trump’s LGBT gala shows Deep State has ‘contaminated
the entire political elite’

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Britain to push ahead with readying ground for a digital pound

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 NY officials: Yeshiva U must explain public funds as it won’t
recognize LGBTQ group


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Come to the ‘war cry party’: How social media helped drive mayhem
in Brazil

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On MSNBC and ‘Authoritarianism’

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‘No amnesty!’: Brazilian protests demand jail for rioters


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How does Israel interpret the Russian-Iranian alliance?

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Israel nanosatellite a breakthrough in quantum communications

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 The false prophets of an impending Israeli apocalypse

Thoughts, Prayers, and Inspiration

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style='color:black'> (targeting the 1 billion worldwide that
attend replacement theology churches)


Koenig’s Eye View

Tower of Babel 2023: Christian Nationalism Part 2 - A
Leftist Narrative / Building a Brand

By William Koenig with Emily Jordan

Last week we exposed the overarching connection between
Christian Nationalism and a Globalist takeover. This week, we more deeply
reveal the Christian Nationalism movement as the Progressive Left fabrication
that it is and the reason they so desperately need to scapegoat Christians in

It’s not exactly a news flash that our Judeo-Christian
values upon which America was founded are under siege. What is difficult to
grasp is that Christians who endeavor to live biblical values are being painted
as enemies of the State under a movement called Christian Nationalism.

In Tower of Babel fashion, communication is blurred. God’s
desires are being trampled. This article connects the dots between what the
Left expresses (love, safety, security) and what they really want (oppression,
tyranny, centralized control).

The more extreme the Left gets, the more ridiculous
their agenda and antics seem to any sane individual.

Recent rainbow festivities on the White House lawn
celebrated the codification of marriage to anyone, complete with
interchangeable genders and lipstick on all the wrong faces. This scene has to
be fiction, but it isn’t.

The Left will perpetrate anything on the American
people that up-ends God and our country’s biblical values while bringing more
power to Washington (and to the Globalist agenda).

Why? A vilification of our strong value system creates
weakness among Christians and their churches, making it easier to enact more
legislation against Christian values. (THINK: Hitler and the Jews) Weakness and
fear (THINK: January 6) provide a red-carpet rollout for the Left to gain more
centralized control in Washington (THINK: healthcare monopoly and COVID

The Left scapegoats, but Christians remain the same
God-fearing individuals we’ve always been. Christian Americans still stand
peacefully and patriotically by their Christian values and their right to
religious freedom afforded us by the First Amendment of our U.S. Constitution.

Nothing has changed except the expanding absurdity of
the Left and their need to scapegoat Christians as hate mongers. Meanwhile, their
intolerant, hate-mongering absurdities toward Christians never stop.

More absurd is that patriotic Christians who believe
marriage is only between a man and a woman are standing in forced silence,
thanks to biased media/social media networks in a country that is still,
believe it or not, 63 percent Christian!

God asks Christians to stand for biblical truth.
Same-sex relations and marriage are in the Bible, but as sins. To say that
Christians who do not support sin are hateful is to say freedom of religion no
longer exists. Now you are getting the picture. Crushing America’s right to
freedom of religion is what the Left wants.

The Left is gaslighting Christians in an effort to
destroy their freedoms. They even gaslight churches as a whole, saying they
choose “hate rather than love” if they do not support same-sex marriage. This
is a lie.

So it is that our freedom of religion as patriotic
Christians in this country is being attacked daily. Christian Nationalism—the
derogatory, scapegoating misnomer created by the Left—has been one of the most
effective vehicles in driving oppression as well as framing Christians as hate

The accusations never stop because the Left has to
keep “evil Christians” in the spotlight to continue building the “brand” in
order to deepen the lines of division (Marxist intersectionality).

In Jonathan Cahn’s recent video, he directly addresses
President Biden and asks him to repent. Cahn talks about the new assaults on
Christians through radical abortion laws, same-sex marriage laws and the
melding of terms like transphobia, homophobia, racism and antisemitism—all of
which negatively frame Christians, chip away at our religious freedom and set
the stage for future religious persecution of Christians and other dissenters.

On the abortion stage, Roe v. Wade has been repealed.
What appeared to have been a victory for unwanted, unborn babies has backfired.
Pro-choice states can now enact more radical abortion laws, and pro-life states
will now have to accept abortion pills being sent across state lines via U.S.
mail to anyone who asks.

If we, as Christians, speak out, the Left says we are
evil Christian Nationalists trying to control women’s bodies. This claim
obscures our real goal of saving the lives of tiny, unborn babies.

The Tower of Babel 2023 strikes again. Confusion from
the lies the Left promotes, painting Christians as hateful, racist, homophobic
Christian Nationalists instead of patriotic Christians supporting biblical
values and enjoying freedom of religion in America, a freedom that has blessed
our country so much through the many years.

Something is seriously wrong with this picture.

The Cornerstone Chapel in Virginia held a townhall
meeting to educate its congregation and the world about the truth of what is
happening in our country today with regard to the leftist’s derogatory term,
Christian Nationalism. We need more of these meetings all across the United

Three speakers explained the truth behind the misnomer,
each from a different vantage point.

1. January 6 had little or nothing to do with
Christians. Not one photo sent by the national media to expert Mark David
Hall showed evidence of Christians anywhere near the insurgency site.
fact, two of the five photos he received were shot from over a mile away. When
he questioned that fact and objected, the media did not call back to interview
him but proceeded full force into their Christian Nationalist/White
Nationalist/racist dogma.

Bottom line: the Left is dying for a “gunfight” to
frame Christians as evil, so they create one that brings down Trump and
Christians all together in one afternoon. Christians are not the gun-toting
rioters that the Left and their paid-for media partners would have the world
believe. Unfortunately, guilt by location appears to be enough to convict these
days. Truth doesn’t matter in their false narrative.

2. According to former Senator Michelle Bachman, if
churches go silent, weakened Christian doctrine ushers in bad things
(Christians being framed) that would likely lead to even worse things (Christians
being murdered for their beliefs) just as it did with the heavy-handed,
senseless mass murder and oppression of the Jews in Hitler’s Germany.

If we continue to allow the Left to frame Christians
and churches as hateful, violent people trying to overthrow the U.S. government
instead of the patriotic Christians we strive to be, we are condoning their use
of double-speak in their efforts to cause further oppression and imprisonment
or death for crimes we didn’t commit.

The Left is bold. Christians and churches need to be
bolder. Now.

3. Stephen Coughlin, another speaker at the Cornerstone
Townhall, is a leading expert on Islamic Law as it relates to national
security. He is dedicated to the analysis of evidence unconstrained by
pre-conceptions and biases and describes what is happening in our country today
as “akin to a Leftist occupation of enemy combatants.”

According to Coughlin, we are no longer in a two-party
system in our great land. We are fighting an enemy of the State called the
Progressive Left.

Straight out of the Marxist playbook is a tactic called
“lines of intersectionality.” Coughlin shows that the Left has been creating
and using intersectional lines to divide and conquer our great nation for quite
some time. They have drawn intersectional lines on race (BLM), sexuality
(LGBTQ), politics (MAGA), abortion (control of woman’s body—no mention of tiny
baby), the 1619 Project (alienate Christians from their heritage) and more.

Each line is designed to tear us apart socially and
call us “backward,” as well as divert attention away from what they, the Left,
are doing to systematically dismantle our nation.

Intersectionality is created by taking a value,
creating a phony term, giving it negative attributes and disseminating the term
with all these attributes through the biased media (or a political speech) so
that people believe it. Then, rinse and repeat.

In a speech given by Joe Biden and replayed during the
Christian Nationalism Townhall meeting was a telltale melding of terms that
relates to Republicans—MAGA, Christian Nationalism, extremism, racism,
political flames of violence, taking the country backward, etc.

The leftist Biden administration is a puppet for the
Elite Technocrats (Globalists). That is why his administration is after our
country’s freedom of religion, freedom of speech and free-market economy. All
three represent the belief systems that founded this great nation and still
unite us as Americans today.

Christianity in this country is still mainstream. Do
not be fooled. It’s a fact that 63 percent of our population today consider
themselves Christian.

The issue is that our voices have been censored to near
silence, so no alternative view is offered to whatever narrative the Left
creates. And their narrative is always tainted by lies. Labels like racist,
misogynist, homophobic hate mongers are used for
Christians when we are merely trying to uphold God and the biblical principles
of our nation’s founding.

For enjoying our religious freedom, Christians are
labeled as awful people with awful leaders and awful values.

Currently, the Left functions as a well-paid action
committee and mouthpiece for the Globalist agenda in America and a precursor
(THINK: non-binary and obscuring of genders) to the future Globalist economy of
the World Economic Forum (WEF), with its de-humanization plans for every one of

Together, the faraway
Globalists and their consenting Leftist cohorts in Congress are breaking down
the United States as a Republic with Judeo-Christian values and a vibrant
free-market economy with free and fair political elections (until 20 years ago)
so they can more easily fold this great nation into their tyrannical global

Again, right now the path to getting their way
demands that they up-end God to destroy the backbone of our great nation. That
is why the enemy must be Christians.

To get the job done, they label God-fearing Christians
as Christian Nationalists because of its evil ring. They are creating a brand.
And to more severely draw the line of Marxist intersectionality, they attach
Christian Nationalism to racism, White Supremacism and anything else that
involves small fringe groups that like guns.

The Left, together with the
Globalists, are grooming our population, conditioning us for the evils to come
(AGAIN THINK: Hitler’s Germany). If the Globalists complete their plan of a
more sinister union, God will truly cease to exist in the minds of many. His
free will becomes a distant memory amidst transhumanism. Political and
religious freedom in America is being systematically destroyed and will become
obsolete sooner than we can imagine.

We are seeing the mid-stages of this horrifying
Globalist future today.
The time to fight is now.

The integrity of the upright
guides them, but the unfaithful are destroyed by their duplicity.

Proverbs 11:3 NIV

But if you have bitter
jealousy and selfish ambition in your heart, do not be arrogant and so lie
against the truth.

James 3:14 NASB

Lying lips are an abomination
to the Lord, But those who deal faithfully are His delight.

Proverbs 12:22 NASB

For the wrath of God is
revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who by
their unrighteousness suppress the truth.

Romans 1:18 ESV

Woe to those who call evil
good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put
bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.

Isaiah 5:20 NIV


Jonathan Cahn - href="">

Christian Nationalism Townhall – href="">

Journalist Tayler Hansen Reveals What He Witnessed with
Ashli Babbitt on J6 and During Her Murder - href=""

I Renounce Christian Nationalism’ and All Its
Dog-Whistle-Fraudulent Connotations – href=""> style='color:black'>

Will the Future be Human? (Alarming message from one of
the World Economic Forum’s top thinkers - href="">


Can the Democratic leaders and representatives get
any more evil in their abortion position? This is unconscionable.

Born-Alive Act: Pelosi, Schumer melt down after new bill
requires care for babies born during failed abortion - href=""> style='color:black;letter-spacing:-.9pt'>Fox News

'Born-alive' bill passed by House Republicans would
require care for infants born alive after failed abortion - href=""> style='color:black'>ABC News

Connecting the Dots

Israel Analysis

The Palestinian “Street”

By Jim Fletcher

One of the continuing disturbing aspects of the
Israeli-Palestinian struggle is the view of the so-called Arab Street, ie, the
people themselves. I’m not talking about the Marxist-trained PLO or Hamas.
Their Jew-hatred has an economic component to it; it’s good business to oppose

But the rank-and-file has always been somewhat of a
mystery. Do they really hate Israel, or are they foils for the corrupt

(By the way, I’ve always maintained that I don’t know
I’d be principled and brave if I lived under a tyranny. I pity the people that
live in a society that isn’t free. Increasingly like ours, I might add.)

I’ve had quite a few conversations with Palestinians in
Israel, many of them Christians. They tend to speak differently in private. I understand
that. They are not nearly as hostile to Israel in private, for they know what
leadership is easier/better to live under. Palestinians in Bethlehem, for
example, might have wished to remain under Israeli control in the 90s, rather
than be used as political pawns by lightweights like Martin Indyk and the EU.
Today, they tow the PLO line.

Now, a study by the Palestinian Center for Policy and
Survey Research indicates that trouble is still afoot—after decades of
incitement to violence taught by the PA/PLO. Dr. Khalil Shqaqi’s public opinion
poll tells us that Palestinian pubic support for “an armed struggle against
Israel, a return to ‘armed attacks’ inside against Israeli civilians and
support for ‘armed groups’ in the Palestinian Authority (PA)” increased in the
latter part of last year.

The public supported (72 percent!) the Palestinian
terror groups operating against Israelis. According to Shqaqi, “There was a
particularly significant increase in support for terrorist attacks inside
Israel, and the findings apparently indicate a trend within the Palestinian
public towards extremism, especially in Judea and Samaria.”

Here are some disturbing details:

“A number of possible reasons were given for the
results, among them the formation of the new right-wing government in Israel,
the escalating military clashes between Palestinian ‘armed groups’ and the IDF
in Samaria, especially after the event of March 2022, and the ‘unprecedented
number’ of Palestinian casualties in clashes with Israeli security forces.

In ITIC assessment, to a significant degree senior
figures in the PA and terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip have also
contributed to increasing extremism
. Figures in the PA, led by Muhammad
Shtayyeh and Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh, encourage violence and reward
both Palestinian terrorists who carry out attacks and their families. They also
promote international dialogues and activities to delegitimize Israel, call for
boycotts, and repeatedly and publicly claim that today there is no partner for
peace in Israel.4 Their efforts increased this past year as a result of the
IDF's intensive counterterrorism activities, especially in northern Samaria
(Operation Breaking Dawn), and have increased even more since the elections in
Israel and the formation of a new government with Benjamin Netanyahu as prime
minister. In the Gaza Strip, the terrorist organizations, primarily Hamas and
the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, continue efforts to foment unrest in Judea and
Samaria and encourage Palestinians to clash with the Israeli security forces
and carry out terrorist attacks, while abstaining from terrorist attacks on
Israel's southern border.”

One can say that the “right-wing” government of Israel
is an excuse, the top evidence being that the Palestinians were also violent
under doves like Ehud Barak and Yair Lapid. Bottom line is, a steady diet of
hate has almost destroyed Palestinian society and is the chief reason Ariel
Sharon said he was confident that the Israelis and Palestinians would indeed
achieve peace “in 500 years.”

While violent attitudes toward Israelis, from the Gaza
Strip, held steady, the uptick in such fervor in Judea/Samaria is quite
alarming. After 30 years of disingenuous, murderous behavior from the PA/PLO,
Palestinians still believe violence is their path forward to establishing a
state. As if a state wasn’t offered multiple times. In 2000, Barak offered
Arafat 97 percent of the West Bank and control over the Temple Mount. The
killer dwarf walked away from the negotiating table in a huff, perplexing Barak
and even Bill Clinton (who years later admitted that Arafat was a liar and
never a peace partner).

An interesting fact to be considered is that the
Palestinian Center for Policy has been around since 2000 and headquartered in
Ramallah, the headquarters of the PLO. It ain’t exactly an unbiased and free
agency. They couldn’t, for example, release any data that really puts the onus
on Palestinian leadership. However, we should also note that its findings are
probably largely correct. As I said, my personal conversations in the country
back this up.

As believers interested in Bible prophecy, we know that
geopolitical solutions are not the long-term solution, at all. But we must pray
like everything to see a slowdown in the violence. Even one life saved is worth


The spiritual struggle
over Washington politics

By Bill Wilson, KIN Senior Analyst

WASH—Jan 12—KIN--The news media and Democratic Party
had a heyday ridiculing Republicans over their endless ballots in deciding who
would be speaker of the house. They mocked the seemingly indecisive
Republicans, suggesting that they were leaderless, a reflection on former
president Trump, a deep rift in the party, and that they didn't know how to
govern. In my opinion, what we saw play out before our very eyes was a
spiritual struggle. The entire seat of government has been engaged in a
spiritual war for many years, perhaps even since the beginning of this
wonderful experiment of a constitutional republic. It is not only a struggle
between good and evil but also a classic battle between statism and individual

Democrats always have had a much easier time unifying
under one big umbrella of political interests. They are, by definition, an
everyone-votes, majority-rule façade in front of statist ideals of control.
When they say free, they mean someone else is going to pay for it.
Republicans, by definition, adhere to qualified voters electing representatives
to vote by the rule of law. This system requires constitutional and legal
protections so the majority cannot enslave or control the minority. It's based
on less government and more individual freedom. The problem of the human factor
seeps in. Humans seem to like control. They think they know best, like if you
eat of the apple, you surely won't die. Some Republicans think this way.

Some conservative Republicans believe to change the way
government is headed—to impact the spiritual battle over the principality of
the godless statist system—they need to stand. And no matter how the world viewed
what they were doing during this speaker battle, they remained strong through
14 ballots to receive guarantees that the not-so-strong Republicans would hold
up their end of the bargain and do the right thing. That's the way politics
works. The guarantees received by the conservative Republicans in exchange for
supporting House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) included fiscal accountability
measures and several bills, among them one to repeal authorization of the army
of 87,000 IRS agents; a bill to prohibit taxpayer-funded abortions; a
resolution to investigate the weaponization of the federal government against
its citizens; and much more.

What seemed to be a sloppy process—a process ridiculed
by the news media, the Democrats and some Republicans—was necessary to force a
rollback of some of the nonsense that has taken place in government over the
past several years. Ephesians 6:12 says, "For we wrestle not against flesh
and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the
darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."
Indeed, Satan is a statist—government replaces God, and the head of government
and his minions are satanic sock puppets. Satan has wanted to destroy this
country and remove its God-ordained constitutionally-guaranteed freedoms since
the beginning. And finally, there are a handful of people who did what
Ephesians 6:13 instructs, "having done all, to stand."


CDC analysis identifies dangers of COVID vaccines

By Bill Wilson, KIN Senior Analyst

WASH—Jan 10—KIN--The Proportional Reporting Ratio (PRR)
analysis of the Moderna and Pfizer COVID vaccines conducted by the Centers for
Disease Control indicates literally hundreds of safety signals linked to the
vaccines, including twice the proportion of adverse events and seven times that
of death when compared with other vaccines. However,
the same CDC continues to push the vaccines as safe and effective. The CDC
refused to make the analysis public until it was forced by a Freedom of
Information Act request from The Epoch Times. These revelations possibly
coincide with, maybe even confirm, the astronomical increase in excess deaths
among otherwise healthy people, including sudden death syndrome in many adults.

The Epoch Times reports,
PRR involves comparing the incidence of a specific adverse event
after a specific vaccine to the incidence after all other vaccines. A signal is
triggered when three thresholds are met, according to the CDC: a PRR of at
least two, a chi-squared statistic of at least four, and three or more cases of
the event following receipt of the vaccine being analyzed. Chi-squared tests
are a form of statistical analysis used to examine data. The results obtained
by The Epoch Times show that there are hundreds of adverse events (AEs) that
meet the definition, including serious conditions such as blood clotting in the
lungs, intermenstrual bleeding, a lack of oxygen to the heart, and even death.
The high numbers, particularly the chi-squared figures, concerned

The Epoch Times also reports, " style='background:white'>The CDC's results also show that a much higher
proportion of events after COVID-19 vaccination were serious. For adults, for
instance, the proportion was 11.1 percent, compared to 5.5 percent after
non-COVID-19 vaccines. The proportion of deaths for adults was 15.4 percent
after COVID-19 vaccination, much higher than the 2.5 percent after other shots.
. . . The newly obtained PRR results returned more than 500 adverse
events larger than myocarditis and pericarditis." Israeli professor Josh
Guetzkow, a statistics expert, told The Epoch Times, "We know that the
signal for myocarditis is associated with something that is caused by the mRNA
vaccines, so it's more than reasonable to say that anything with a signal
larger than myocarditis/pericarditis should be taken seriously and

A confidential Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine adverse event
report to the FDA, dated April 3, 2021, and obtained by The Daily Jot, listed
nine pages--472 lines and 2072 words--of "Adverse Events of Special Interest."
Side effects including those involving pregnant women, heart conditions, blood
clots, anaphylactic shock and lack of efficacy were withheld from the public as
the government propagandized that the vaccine was "safe and
effective." No wonder FDA wanted 75 years to release vaccine data and
Pfizer filed in federal court to work with FDA to ensure "proper
redactions are made." As Jesus said in Mark 4:22 (NKJV), " style='background:white'>For there is nothing hidden which will not be
revealed, nor has anything been kept secret but that it should come to light."
May it be so in this case so lives can be saved and preserved.


Apostasy in the Church

The Foundations Destroyed: Part 4

By Jim Fletcher

As we conclude this four-part series, we end at the
logical place: the end.

Beginning with how our foundations have been damaged in
the American Church, we finish with where this all inevitably leads: a look at
the prophecy haters in the Church. There are too many of them. Legions.

Many people ask me each month why we are in the place
we are. Drag queens in pulpits, denial of the fundamentals of the faith. The
rapid advancement of the homosexual agenda.

The crystal-clear answer is: The Bible prophesied it!

Ahead of the 2018 move of the U.S. Embassy from Tel
Aviv to Jerusalem, left-wing writer Jonathan Merritt sarcastically noted that
“controversial” evangelical pastors would take part in the ceremonies. The two
pastors whose photos he attached to his tweet were John Hagee and Robert
Jeffress. He loathes pastors that support Israel and/or teach Bible prophecy.

(Here I’m not advocating for these men, but to point
out that they are among the few national evangelical leaders that support
Israel. They arrive at this position biblically, not politically.)

Merritt is the homosexual son of former Southern
Baptist Convention President James Merritt. Merritt the Elder has a nasty habit
of responding in a nasty way to anyone that criticizes his son. My, how far the
SBC has fallen!

On November 19, 2012, evangelical writer (turned
marketing guru) Donald Miller wrote a blog piece about Israel, filled with
lies. When he was asked directly to respond to criticisms, he did what all
leftists do: ignored the requests. He had spent some time in a place he calls
“Israel/Palestine.” He actually visited PLO headquarters and then came home to
spout their propaganda. One wonders if critical thinking skills are completely
gone in this country. Miller’s “reporting” rivaled that of Soviet lackey Walter
Duranty in the 1930s (Duranty later recanted much of what he had written; it
appears Miller doesn’t have that much integrity).

There are subtleties to this whole subject, too, of
evangelical leaders that have a problem with prophecy teaching. After Rick
Warren urged pastors to ignore prophecy teaching (in his landmark book, The
Purpose-Driven Life), he has consistently put himself far to the left of
pro-Israel, pro-prophecy teachers. A few years ago, he tweeted the following:

“Israeli govt tells Jerusalem pastor “The State of
Israel doesn’t recognize the Baptist church”. This was a retweet of a message
from Sami Awad, an Israel-hating resident of Bethlehem, under the sway/pay? of
the PLO. Warren always sides with this crowd, and his embrace and mentoring of
such Palestinian-supporting millennials as Cameron Strang attests to this.

All these things contribute to the current climate.
Last week I had a conversation with a top prophecy teacher that lives in a
major city. He told me that they had contacted 30 churches in their area about
having a prophecy conference. Not a single positive response. Not one!

The root of this very sobering reality is the liberal
scholarship of the 19th century and the liberal pulpits of the 20th
(remember, Warren received his Ph.D. from Fuller Seminary in 1980 and pro-Palestinian
founders of the the Willow Creek Association, Bill and Lynne Hybels, launched
the seeker-driven movement in the Chicago suburbs in 1975. The fruit of the
Seeker-Driven/Church Growth Model is now complete and explains as much as
anything the overall loathing of prophecy teaching in evangelical churches
today. This is mind-boggling turn of events. In the 1970s, it was almost
exclusively the mainline and Catholic churches that denigrated prophecy

One of the bridges to this reality has been men like
Brian McLaren. The former liberal pastor became so successful on the book
writing and speaking circuit that he moved from Maryland to Florida to do that
full-time. His popularity among millennials is frankly heartbreaking. I had
occasion to engage him in some dialogue a decade ago and asked him one day if
he didn’t find it ironic that he was helping fulfill—directly—2 Peter 3. Not
only does he deny the Genesis accounts of creation, he laughs off Bible
prophecy, especially last-days theology.

He dismissively laughed off my comment. He and his
friends, which now number in the many among evangelical pastors and ministry
leaders, don’t have to answer ignorant knuckle-dragger fundamentalists such as
me. They simply continue spewing their theological sewage to the people in the
pews, most of whom don’t know enough about the Bible to know they’re being

The great scholar Oswald Allis, who taught and wrote in
the last century, had keen insights in the study of Bible prophecy. He also
vigorously opposed the false teachers of his day. He once wrote:

“It is to be remembered, however, that the fulfillment
of prophecy is the one great evidence to which the Bible itself points.” He
then asserted:

“As Justin Martyr, who himself was converted to the
Christian faith by a study of the prophets, put it, ‘To declare a thing shall
come to pass long before it is in being, and then to bring it to pass, this or
nothing is the work of God.”

There you have it, the key to understanding both
prophecy and the hatred of it in our day.”

People either love the reality of God’s sovereign
nature, or they despise it. Just as the pagans, many evangelical leaders today
absolutely hate the teaching of Bible prophecy and they employ a bunch of
tactics to oppose it.

They are helping fulfill the very prophecy they deny.

How ironic.


The digital dollar is coming on the back of the FTX

January 4, 2023

Source: href=""> style='color:black;text-decoration:none'>The Hill

The arrest of CEO Sam Bankman-Fried may be the smaller
news story coming out of the collapse of FTX. Politicians will miss the point
surrounding the href=""
political donations
of the company and instead push for simplistic
solutions to a complex issue. Ultimately, the collapse of the crypto company could
lead to onerous federal regulations
and the establishment of a federal
“digital dollar.” The FTX issue isn’t large enough, under normal circumstances,
to push through such dramatic banking and financial changes, but it is clear
that those at the Federal Reserve and many in Congress have been salivating for
such changes for years. This could be a fig leaf to justify it.

The loss of billions of dollars through the collapse of
FTX is beginning to echo through the economy. Both private investors and
crypto holders
target="_blank">lost big in the
company’s collapse. With nearly 1 million customers, the similarities to
previous large-scale collapses are obvious
. The criminal charges against
Bankman-Fried perhaps offer someone on whom to pin responsibility, but not a
means to fix the damage. The purported remedy instead may be the largest fiscal
overhaul since the creation of the Fed.

A switch to a cashless, centrally-controlled digital
form of currency could be relatively simple. Currently, the Fed and several
major banks are running a “ href=""
target="_blank">Digital Dollar
,” and it is being pushed as a good idea by media outlets
including opinion writers in the href=""
target="_blank">Wall Street
. The Fed is preparing the electronic form of currency
in conjunction with href=""
target="_blank">similar efforts
by other nations. After all, the argument may go, if the United States doesn’t
innovate, href=""
target="_blank">China or someone
will. Some in Congress href=""
target="_blank">already support
the idea, and FTX may have provided just the grounds needed for a transition to
such a system.

For the full article: href=""> style='color:black;text-decoration:none'>The Hill


Abp. Vigano: Trump’s LGBT gala shows Deep State has
‘contaminated the entire political elite’

December 20, 2022

Source: href=""> style='color:black;text-decoration:none'>LifeSite News

The Republican Party is recklessly pursuing a
minority of voters
who are indulging in lifestyles that are contrary to the
Commandments and to the common good.

A large scandal has been created, as well as
discouragement, upon learning the news of the gala event hosted by President
Donald J. Trump for openly homosexual supporters of the Republican Party. This
endorsement of LGBT ideology is even more serious if one considers that, only
two days previously, Joe Biden signed the “Respect for Marriage Act” which
recognizes the legal validity of so-called homosexual marriages in the United
States, in violation of the Natural Law and also the Law of God.

The Democratic Party is totally anti-Christian and
obstinately determined to implement the globalist agenda of the New World
Order. On the other hand, the Republican Party is recklessly pursuing a
minority of voters who are indulging in lifestyles
that are contrary to the
Commandments and to the common good.

For the full article: href=""> style='color:black;text-decoration:none'>LifeSite News


Britain to push ahead with readying ground for a
digital pound

January 10, 2023

Source: href=""> style='color:black;text-decoration:none'>ABC News

The finance ministry is due to launch a public
on the attributes of a digital pound in the coming weeks.

LONDON — Getting the design of a digital pound right is
a bigger priority than a rapid launch, Britain’s Financial Services Minister
Andrew Griffith said on Tuesday.

China has pushed ahead with piloting a digital yuan
and the European Central Bank is studying a digital euro, piling pressure on
Britain to do the same and keep abreast of advances in financial technology.

The finance ministry is due to launch in the coming
weeks a public consultation on the attributes of a digital pound.

For the full article: href=""> style='color:black;text-decoration:none'>ABC News


NY officials: Yeshiva U must explain public funds as
it won’t recognize LGBTQ group

January 12, 2023

Source: href=""> style='color:black;text-decoration:none'>The Times of Israel

State lawmakers say university may have misled
agency to get over $230 million earmarked for non-religious purposes while
claiming religious protections to reject campus Pride club

NEW YORK — State officials in New York said Wednesday
that Yeshiva University appeared to have misrepresented its status as a secular
institution to obtain state funding, the latest fallout from the
university’s lengthy and acrimonious legal battle against recognizing an LGBTQ
student group.

The flagship Modern Orthodox university in New York
City has for years refused to recognize the YU Pride Alliance, arguing that
approving the club would infringe on its religious beliefs.

The legal dispute revolves around whether the
university is a secular institution that must adhere to non-discrimination
, or a religious one covered by protections for the free expression of

For the full article: href=""> style='color:black;text-decoration:none'>The Times of Israel


Come to the ‘war cry party’: How social media helped
drive mayhem in Brazil

January 9, 2023

Source: href=""> style='color:black;text-decoration:none'>MSN

In the weeks leading up to Sunday’s href=""
target="_blank">violent attacks
on Brazil’s Congress and other government buildings, the country’s social media
channels surged with calls to attack gas stations, refineries and other
infrastructure, as well as for people to come to a “war cry party” in the
capital, according to Brazilian social media researchers.

Online influencers who deny the results of the
country’s recent presidential election used a particular phrase to summon
“patriots” to what they called a “Festa da Selma” — tweaking the word “selva,”
a military term for war cry, by substituting an “m” for the “v” in hopes of
avoiding detection from Brazilian authorities, who have wide latitude to arrest
people for “anti-democratic” postings online. “Festa” is the Portuguese word
for “party.”

Organizers on Telegram posted dates, times and routes
for “Liberty Caravans” that would pick people up in at least six Brazilian
states and ferry them to the party, according to posts viewed by The
Washington Post. One post said: “Attention Patriots! We are organizing for a
thousand buses. We need 2 million people in Brasília.”

For the full article: href=""> style='color:black;text-decoration:none'>MSN


On MSNBC and ‘Authoritarianism’

January 9, 2023

Source: href=""> style='color:black;text-decoration:none'>TK News

A brief response to the latest hit piece

MSNBC opinion columnist Zeesham Aleem just penned the
latest in what’s become a parade of hit pieces from mainstream outlets directed
at me and other independent journalists. Even by the low standards of the genre,
href=""> style='color:black;text-decoration:none'>How the populist left has become
vulnerable to the populist right” is a humorous standout. It
argues that after I spent a month detailing how the FBI, DHS, DOD, CIA and
other agencies built a system for mass delivery of censorship requests to firms
like Twitter and Facebook, I helped fuel a subculture that “could funnel people
from leftism to authoritarianism.”

Here’s a brief list of talking heads at the network now
claiming people like me, Glenn Greenwald, Tulsi Gabbard and Jimmy Dore are
the ones guilty of funneling audiences
to “authoritarianism.”

For the full article: href=""> style='color:black;text-decoration:none'>TK News


‘No amnesty!’: Brazilian protests demand jail for

January 10, 2023

Source: href=""> style='color:black;text-decoration:none'>AP

RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — “No amnesty! No amnesty! No

The chant reverberated off the walls of the
jam-packed hall at the University of Sao Paulo’s law college on Monday
afternoon. Hours later, it was the rallying cry for thousands of Brazilians who
streamed into the streets of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, penned on protest
posters and banners.

The words are a demand for retribution against
supporters of former President Jair Bolsonaro who stormed Brazil’s capital
Sunday, and those who enabled the rampage.

“These people need to be punished, the people who
ordered it need to be punished, those who gave money for it need to be
punished,” Bety Amin, a 61-year-old therapist, said on Sao Paulo’s main
boulevard. The word “DEMOCRACY” stretched across the back of her shirt.
“They don’t represent Brazil. We represent Brazil.”

For the full article: href=""> style='color:black;text-decoration:none'>AP


How does Israel interpret the Russian-Iranian

January 6, 2023

Source: href=""> style='color:black;text-decoration:none'>JNS

In Israeli eyes, Tehran is allied with Moscow
because both are in conflict with the U.S. for different reasons, and that fact
is far more important than any ideological overlaps between them.

It is perhaps a measure of Israel’s elevated stature in
the world that its newly elected right-wing government is under scrutiny not
just for its domestic policies and its approach to the Palestinians, but its
foreign policy as well.

The last week has witnessed an enormous amount of
speculation over which path Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition will follow with
regard to Russia’s brutal aggression against Ukraine.
Some believe that the
new government will break with every policy of the previous government with the
exception of Ukraine, by retaining an extensive humanitarian aid operation,
voicing political support for the democratic government in Kyiv, but refusing
to supply the Ukrainians with the weaponry they are clamoring for. Others
believe there is a chance that Israel might arm Ukraine after all, citing
Netanyahu hinting at the possibility in an interview with MSNBC last October.
(In the interview, he also said that “there is always the possibility—and this
has happened time and again—that weapons we supply in one battlefield end up in
Iranian hands, used against us.”) Still others believe that Netanyahu’s return
signals a realignment with the regime of Russian President Vladimir Putin, whom
he described in his recently published book My Story as “smart, sophisticated
and focused on one goal—returning Russia to its historical greatness.”

All of these options are more or less plausible. And
they are being debated in a febrile context defined in military terms by
ongoing sledgehammer Russian strikes against Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure
using Iranian-manufactured Shahed-131 and Shahed-136 drones, and in political
terms by the appointment of a new Israeli foreign minister, one of whose
first acts was to do what his predecessor refused to do, in speaking by
telephone with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov.

For the full article: href=""> style='color:black;text-decoration:none'>JNS


Israel nanosatellite a breakthrough in quantum

January 4, 2023

Source: href=""> style='color:black;text-decoration:none'>JNS

Its main mission: to synch with the optical
ground station
at Tel Aviv U.

TAU-SAT3, launched Tuesday on a SpaceX rocket from Cape
Canaveral in Florida, will pave the way towards quantum communication via a
nanosatellite, Tel Aviv University reported on Wednesday.

TAU- SAT3 was launched to an altitude of 550
kilometers (340 miles) and will orbit the earth for five years carrying out
several scientific tasks.

“Its main mission will be to communicate with
the new optical ground station set up on the roof of the Shenkar Physics
Building on the TAU campus,” said Noam Eliaz, dean of the Iby and Aladar
Fleischman Faculty of Engineering.

For the full article: href=""> style='color:black;text-decoration:none'>JNS


The false prophets of an impending Israeli apocalypse

January 3, 2023

Source: href=""> style='color:black;text-decoration:none'>JNS

Given their pernicious predictions about the end of
democracy, Zionism and Judaism, the sore losers to Netanyahu’s new
government will do even worse
in the next election.

Within minutes of the href="" target="_blank"> style='color:black;text-decoration:none'>swearing-in of Israel’s
37th government, the self-proclaimed “forces of light” who were defeated by it
began a campaign to prove that the voters were already suffering from
buyer’s remorse
—and that the public was in for an Armageddon of Prime
Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu’s making.

As part of the effort, Channel 13 on Sunday broadcast a
survey, conducted on its behalf by leading pollster Camil Fuchs, showing that
if Knesset elections were held today, Bibi’s bloc would garner eight seats
fewer than the 64 it gained at the ballot box on Nov. 1 . Leaving aside the
consistent inaccuracy of Fuchs’s forecasts in the lead-up to that date, the
local media’s inability to accept that the “most right-wing coalition in the
country’s history” was neither a fluke nor a mark of Cain has been almost

In the first place, the very commissioning of an
electoral poll at such an early stage—some five minutes into the changing of
the guard—was as ridiculous as it was transparent. Secondly, the only company
that proved worth its salt was Direct Polls. Nevertheless, its research
is still viewed as biased for two reasons.

For the full article: href=""> style='color:black;text-decoration:none'>JNS