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Land of Israel: Corresponding events of 9-11 and coronavirus have cost U.S. $15 trillion

By William Koenig 

When the covenant land of Israel is negotiated or compromised, you can observe an atmospheric and/or disruptive response in the country responsible (Joel 3:2). The two largest catastrophes in U.S. history corresponded to direct White House role in establishing an Arab state in Judea and Samaria.  

According to the Washington Post, the day before the tragic 9-11 terrorism events in New York City and Washington, D.C., President G.W. Bush was completing his two-state plan negotiations with Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. Moreover, President Trump introduced his Peace to Prosperity Plan on January 28, 2020, and the following day he established the coronavirus task force and experienced one significant consequence after another.

Those two events have cost the United States just under $15 trillion and growing for the war on terror in the Middle East totaling $6.4 trillion and so far, lawmakers have enacted six major coronavirus bills totaling $5.3 trillion and the Federal Reserve has committed/disbursed $3.2 trillion out of $6.2 trillion allowed. These major events have dramatically changed life as we know it in America, Israel, and the world.

U.S. pressure to divide the land of Israel and 127 record-setting American catastrophes

I have documented in Eye to Eye 127 record-setting catastrophes (October 1991 to August 2017) that corresponded to U.S. pressure to divide the covenant land of Israel. As observed, the greater the pressure the on Israel to divide their land, the greater the corresponding catastrophes. Moreover, we witnessed two hurricanes heading toward the U.S. that dropped in intensity and went back to sea at the moment when President Bush and Obama told Israeli leaders they would not be pressured to divide their land. - Bush-Sharon at UN Sept. 14, 2005 and Hurricane Ophelia  or Obama and Clinton, September 1–2, 2010 and Hurricane Earl.