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President Trump has done more for Israel than all other U.S. Presidents combined


By William Koenig: 

President Trump's pro-Israel actions are unprecedented. He has done more for Israel than all other U.S. Presidents combined. 

  • U.S. Embassy move to Jerusalem;

  • Resolution backing Israel’s claim to the Golan Heights;

  • Secretary of State Pompeo’s stating Israeli settlements are not illegal, after a year of legal study;

  • National Security Advisor John Bolton warned the International Criminal Court against their isolation of Israel;

  • Ambassador Haley’s chastised the U.N. Human Right Council hypocrisy and the U.N. Security Council Resolutions, that continually targeted Israel;

  • Stopped U.S. funding of the UNRWA refugee facilities and schools and their incitements against Israel;

  • Called for the Palestinians to stop funding terrorists who have killed Israelis;

  • Defense cooperation with Israel is at an all-time high;

On Iran:

  • Backed out of the Iran nuclear deal (JCPOA);

  • Approved the elimination of Iran’s top military leader Soleimani, who was the architect of Iran’s Middle East caliphate in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen, who had planned a future major attack on Israel, and worked closely with Hezbollah;

  • Sanctioned Iran in order to stop their nuclear development program and missile development