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William Koenig's Letter to President Trump


September 6, 2017 

Mr. Donald J. Trump
President of the United States
The White House 
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Re: Israel’s covenant land

Dear President Trump,

         The state of Israel likely has never had a better friend as President of the United States than you. Your public support of Israel, your selections of David Friedman as the U.S. Ambassador to Israel and special envoy Jason Greenblatt, your commitment to Israel’s right to live in peace and security and your moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem set you apart from previous presidents. 

         I am providing copies of “Eye to Eye - Facing the Consequences of Dividing Israel” for you, Vice President Mike Pence and your top staff. 

         The land of Israel is God’s covenant land. He gave the land to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and their descendants. No earthly leader has the right to divide or parcel His land. Those who have attempted to have experienced enormous consequences.

         From the day the “perfect storm” sent 30-foot waves into President George H.W. Bush’s Kennebunkport home as he was calling on Israel to give up the West Bank (the biblical heartland of Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem) at the Madrid Conference; to the 9/11 terror events that stopped the introduction of President George W. Bush’s two-state plan, when the God of Israel lifted for a moment His hand of protection over our nation; to massive Hurricane Katrina following the eviction of 9500 Jews from their homes in Israel; and now Hurricane Harvey, you can sense God’s wrath when leaders speak of giving up His land for an Arab state.

         Having watched weather closely and studied related disasters in the U.S. for the past 26 years, which began with the “land for peace” conference in Madrid, Spain, from October 30 to November 1, 1991, I have observed a pattern that when the United States applies pressure on Israel to divide their covenant land a major record-setting catastrophe and/or event occurs. The greater the pressure on Israel to comply the greater the event.

          According to NOAA, there have been 171 billion-dollar catastrophes since the Madrid Conference in 1991. In my updated book, I have documented 127 events corresponding to pressure on Israel, ending with Hurricane Harvey. Over 100 are billion-dollar catastrophes. 

          In closing, I should point out that President George W. Bush never recovered from the impact of the 9/11 terror events and Hurricane Katrina, which were consequences of his involvement in the land-for-peace efforts in Israel. 

           I pray that you reconsider the sponsorship of any activities pertaining to Israel’s covenant land.

Best regards, 

William R. Koenig 


Vice President Mike Pence

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson

Chief of Staff John Kelly

National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster 

Senior Advisor Jared Kushner

Senior Advisor Kellyanne Conway

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders