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Trump Administration peace activities and seven corresponding record-setting hurricanes - William Koenig

President Trump has done more for Israel than all previous U.S. Presidents combined. But the peace efforts, led by Jared Kushner, has had seven record-setting hurricanes that corresponded to his efforts. The first five hurricanes were so massive that their names have been retired by the National Hurricane Center. Laura and Sally could be added to this list soon. 

Hurricane Harvey (August 17 – September 2, 2017) - The storm’s remnants were monitored for regeneration as Jared Kushner is in meetings in Doha, Jeddah, Abu Dhabi, Amman, and Cairo. Harvey began to redevelop on August 23 as Kushner and Jason Greenblatt arrived in Jerusalem to meet with the Israelis and Palestinians. Harvey rapidly became a mega-storm on August 24. 

Hurricane Irma (August 30-September 13, 2017) – As the White House was actively preparing for "land for peace" meetings at the United Nations the following week, the extremely powerful Irma hit American, British and French Islands. The storm hit Barbuda, Saint Barthélemy, Saint Martin, Anguilla, and the Virgin Islands as a Category 5 hurricane. The American, British and French have all been key sponsors of the peace process at different stages. 

Hurricane Marie (September 16 – October 2, 2017) - The storm came ashore and slowly moved over Puerto Rico on September 20, the day President Trump was meeting with Jordan’s King Abdullah, Palestinian leader Abbas and Egyptian President El-Sisi on the sidelines of the United Nations.  

"With the grant awards announced September 18, 2020 the U.S. Federal Government will have obligated approximately $26 billion for Puerto Rico’s recovery from Hurricane Maria," the White House said.. "

Today’s grant announcements represent some of the largest awards in FEMA’s history for any single disaster recovery event and demonstrate in the Federal Government’s continuing commitment to help rebuild the territory and support the citizens of Puerto Rico and their recovery goals."

Hurricane Florence (August 31-September 19, 2018) – U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said Trump's Israeli-Palestinian 'deal of the century' can happen if Abbas comes to the table; The Emir of Kuwait visited the White House as Florence was continuing to develop; President Trump in a Rosh Hashanah national press call tells Jewish Faith Leaders and Rabbis that he is committed to an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal that he thinks can be made.

Hurricane Michael (October 7-October 16, 2018) - Trump peace envoy Jason Greenblatt said it “was a pleasure” for him and the president’s son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner to meet with U.S. senators on the peace plan. Their meeting took place Thursday, Oct. 4, on Capitol Hill. The following day Orlando’s News 6 meteorologist Troy Bridges pointed to an area of low pressure near Honduras that then had a 60 percent chance of tropical development over the next five days. Michael became a monstrous Category 4 hurricane early Tuesday morning, Oct. 9.

Nikki Haley, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, lavished praise on President Donald Trump's family during a Tuesday, October 9, 2018 appearance announcing her departure from the administration, calling particular attention to Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner, whom she called a "hidden genius." 

Haley pointed to Kushner's work on the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement, a reconfiguration of the 25-year old North American Free trade Agreement (NAFTA) and on the development of a new Middle East peace plan, which Haley called "so unbelievably well done."

Additionally, at the very same time that Hurricane Michael was coming ashore on October 10, the Jerusalem Post reported that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo “teased the Trump administration’s upcoming peace plan as a ‘truly historic’ effort to broker an agreement between Israelis and Palestinians, accepting an award from the Jewish Institute for National Security of America (JINSA) in Washington.” 


Hurricanes Laura and Sally 

            Tropical Depression 13/Hurricane Laura started within two hours of Trump speaking of possible Israel-Saudi deal and F-35 sale to the UAE on Wednesday, August 19. Laura was a major concern of the night Pence (Aug 26) and Trump (Aug 27) accepted their nomination at the GOP virtual convention. 

            Tropical Depression 19/Hurricane Sally started four hours after Trump announced the Israel-Bahrain deal on Friday, September 11. The big news on September 15-16 was Hurricane Sally’s massive rain production and flooding on the day of the Abrahamic Accords signing and the following day.   


Trump/Kushner hurricanes not counting Covid 19 

  1. Hurricane Harvey - $125 billion
  2. Hurricane Irma - $50 billion
  3. Hurricane Maria - $95 billion
  4. Hurricane Florence - $17.9 billion
  5. Hurricane Michael - $10 billion 
  6. Hurricane Laura – 
  7. Hurricane Sally 

Total - $297 billion